Monterey To San Francisco Airport

Traveling can be tedious and uncomfortable. While many ordinary Americans rely on cabs to get them to and from the airport, a limousine is another far more luxurious option. Ablux Limo offers a reliable limousine service from Monterey to San Francisco Airport, among other places. All it takes is one call and all your travel worries are taken care of in style. A limousine is not only the most comfortable form of transport on the market but it is also the perfect way to make a statement. Limousines have long been the preferred transportation of the rich and famous, equated with style and superior class.

When traveling to the airport, Monterey to San Francisco for example, a limousine allows you to travel as if you were still in the comfort of your own home. It is spacious, opulent, and oozes style. It is not surprising then that limos originated in France. Hundreds of years ago, in the French town of Limousin, the shepherds developed a dark, hooded cloak to protect themselves from the rain and cold, which they named a ‘limousine’. When carriages were first emerging in the 1900s, a similar motivation led to a cover being created to protect the traveling compartments. The actual person responsible for the attribution of the name ‘limousine’ to the covered coaches is believed to be a Parisian coach builder.

Another advantage of taking a limo on your trip from Monterey to San Francisco Airport is the fact that all the limos are chauffeur driven. Generally the chauffeurs are dressed in a stylish tux, adding to the overall style and luxury that the limo exudes. James P. Carey was one of the first to take full advantage of the demand for chauffeur driven luxury cars in New York in the 1920s. Carey realized that those who visited the city wanted to travel in better style than a simple taxi cab. He used the early Packards and Cadillacs to launch a multi-million dollar limousine enterprise that is still in operation today. David Kline was the man responsible for making stretch limousines available in every city.

Limousines have come a long way from the simple covered carriages of a hundred years ago. Today they can be found with modern additions such as hot tubs, full bars, televisions, phones, faxes, microwaves, and sometimes even putting greens. It seems that any dream or desire can be catered for. Cars are no longer the only vehicles being used as limousines, you will find fire engine limos, ambulance limos, plane limos, and even train carriage limos. The stretch limos found today can often seat up to twenty people. An example of the new extravagant limos are the stretch hummers, some of which are even equipped with a full dance floor. There are still many traditional limousines being made by coachbuilders such as Lincoln, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, and Rolls Royce. So if you are looking for supreme quality and class when traveling from places such as Monterey to San Francisco Airport, there is no better choice than a limousine from Ablux Limo.

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